Construction Administration Services

Architecture Experience Inc. has over 10 years of executive architect firm experience in construction administration services to ensure to ensure your project is executed smoothly.

Our methods include:

  • We are equipped with or trained in using the latest project management technology and practices with our contractors such as BuilderTrend, Autodesk Construction Cloud, Trimble Viewpoint, and Procore.
About Construction Administration Services
Construction Administration is often overlooked by plan mill type architects, but it is essential to effective project delivery.
Matthew Ostrowski, Principal

Architectural construction administration services encompass the activities and responsibilities carried out by architects during the construction phase of a project.

These services are crucial for ensuring that the architectural design is executed according to the approved plans, specifications, and standards, and for facilitating effective communication between the design team, contractors, and clients throughout the construction process.

Here’s an overview of our office’s architectural construction administration services:

  1. Site Visits and Inspections: Architects conduct regular site visits to observe construction progress, verify compliance with design documents, and address any issues or discrepancies that arise during construction. This may include reviewing workmanship, materials, and installations to ensure quality and adherence to specifications.
  2. Contract Administration: Architects administer the construction contract between the client and the contractor, including reviewing contract documents, processing submittals and requests for information (RFIs), and facilitating change orders and other contract modifications as needed.
  3. Construction Meetings: Architects organize and participate in construction meetings with the client, contractor, subcontractors, and other stakeholders to discuss project progress, resolve issues, and coordinate upcoming work activities. These meetings serve as forums for communication and collaboration among project team members.
  4. Document Management: Architects manage and distribute construction documents, including drawings, specifications, and other project-related information, to ensure that all parties have access to the latest and most accurate documentation throughout the construction process.
  5. Quality Control and Assurance: Architects monitor construction activities to ensure that work is performed in accordance with the approved plans, specifications, and industry standards. This includes conducting quality control inspections, reviewing shop drawings and product submittals, and addressing any non-conformance issues promptly.
  6. Coordination with Consultants: Architects coordinate with engineering consultants, specialty consultants, and other design professionals involved in the project to ensure alignment between architectural design and engineering systems during construction. This may involve resolving technical conflicts, clarifying design intent, and facilitating interdisciplinary coordination.
  7. Progress Reporting: Architects provide regular progress reports to the client, detailing construction milestones, project status, and any significant developments or challenges encountered during construction. This helps keep the client informed and enables proactive decision-making to address issues as they arise.
  8. Conflict Resolution: Architects assist in resolving conflicts or disputes that may arise between the client, contractor, and other project stakeholders during construction. This may involve mediating negotiations, facilitating communication, and providing expert guidance to reach mutually acceptable resolutions.
  9. Commissioning and Closeout: Architects oversee the commissioning process to ensure that building systems are properly installed, tested, and commissioned for optimal performance. They also assist in project closeout activities, including final inspections, punch list completion, and turnover of the building to the client.

Overall, architectural construction administration services play a vital role in overseeing the successful implementation of the architectural design, ensuring quality construction, and maintaining effective communication and collaboration among project stakeholders throughout the construction phase.

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