We are Architecture Experience.

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Architecture and Interior Design

Our mission is to create timeless architectural design with lasting impact, attention to detail and high quality of construction that is unique to each client’s vision.

We Create Experiences

Architecture Experience Inc. is a full-service design firm offering licensed architectural services, licensed interior design services, as well as furnishings & decor services. We specialize in residential architecture and interior design in South Florida, including Miami and the Beaches, Palm Beach, Boca Raton, Fort Lauderdale and other locations.

Our team creates personalized, curated designs that communicate our clients’ unique style, manner of living and lifestyle goals.

Our residential work includes new custom homes, luxury vacation rentals, bespoke interiors and contemporary condominium renovations in Florida, Texas and New York. Our commercial work includes branded restaurants and lounge finish outs, curated showrooms, exhibits and hospitality.

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As Built

Digital Building Surveys – Fast and Reliable Laser Scanning, Building Information Modeling, and As-Built Measurements Service for Interior Designers, Architects, Contractors, Homeowners and Property Managers

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Architectural Design Services– We are a full-service design firm. Standard services include: Conceptual design, Coordination of engineers, specialists, suppliers, contractors, and design teams, Construction documents and administration

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Interior Design

Interior Design Services – We specialize in luxury coastal and modern contemporary interiors, from renovations to new construction. We value personalized design that aspires to a timeless character.

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Furnishings Decor

Furnishings and Decor – We specify furnishings and decor with a discerning taste that speaks to our clients needs, by orchestrating the functionality, detail and aesthetics of each element to the overall effect.