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Palm Beach-Everglade Residence

Experience our Palm Beach townhouse transformation: Fashionable, vibrant, and modern interiors crafted with precision and collaboration.

Architecture Experience was presented with a unique request to create a fashionable interior remodel of a three story townhouse for a young family seeking to create a whimsical and vibrant home in splendid Palm Beach. Our office collaborated with Scott Yetman Bespoke Interiors, DellAnno custom interiors, and Sciame Homes, to modernize the residence, concentrating on an inspired composition of detailing and finishes throughout. The project reimagined the kitchen, living areas, bathrooms, bedrooms, stairway, garage, and fenestration.

Location: Palm Beach, Florida
Architect: Architecture Experience Inc.
General Contractor: Sciame Homes

Project Types: Residential
Project Scope: Architectural Services, Remodel
Size: 5,330 sq.ft.
Completion Date: Completed

Millwork: Dellanno Boca Raton

Project Team: Matthew Ostrowski, Regina Ostrowski, Luis Morillo, Suja Arun