Commercial Projects

1 Yorkville Condominium Showroom

Experience Immersive Elegance: Our Yorkville Condo Showroom Boasts Bespoke Mirrored Bronze Panels & Interactive Digital Displays, Captivating Guests from Street to Sales Office.

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1 Yorkville Condominium Showroom 2

Our completion of the 1 Yorkville Condominium showroom interior included design and fabrication of mirrored bronze finish steel panels in the leasing office and a digital display on the street front, seamlessly drawing guests into the space visually.

Each panel was customized in an accordion pattern using brake press machining to create a visually impressive reflective surface that draws attention to the sales office displays and special event gatherings. The angular rippled pattern alludes to the Yorkville tower’s facade, also made of metallic panels.

Location: Yorkville District, Toronto, ON
Architect: Rosario Varacalli Architect, ERA Architects
Designer: The Design Agency
Client/Owner: Bazis Group
Fabrication: SoDi Designs Inc.

Project Types: Showroom Lobby
Project Scope: Custom Metal Fabrication, Interior Design
Size: 500 sq.ft.
Year Completed: 2014