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The Webster South Beach – As Built Drawings

As built plans and elevations for The Webster’s flagship location: a 20,000 square foot luxury multi-brand boutique located in the heart of Miami Beach, in a historical Art Deco building designed in 1939 by famed architect Henry Hohauser.

Project Description

Welcome to Architecture Experience Inc.’s showcase of existing building survey drawings for The Webster South Beach.

Our team embarked on a transformative journey to document The Webster’s flagship location for a major renovation of their boutique. Built in 1939 by the esteemed Art Deco architect Henry Hohauser, this iconic Art Deco building underwent a contemporary evolution, guided by our meticulous digital records and building survey.

For this type of project, our trained architects and surveyors survey and model the as-built building plans and elevations using cutting-edge BIM (building information modeling) software. This process ensures a comprehensive understanding of the existing structure, enabling the owners to navigate the complexities of the remodel with precision and efficiency.

Central to our approach was the creation of a digital furnishings inventory, capturing interior details to inform the design process. From intricate Art Deco motifs to contemporary fixtures and fittings, we didn’t overlook any elements in our pursuit of detailing precision.

With its historic charm and modern allure, this 11,500 square foot luxury multi-brand boutique stands for sophistication and style. Now complete, visitors are immersed in a vibrant and curated retail experience.

Project Data

Project Name: The Webster South Beach
Location: Miami Beach, Florida
Architect: Architecture Experience Inc.
Client: The Webster

Project Types: Retail, Restaurant, Hotel Renovation, Historic Preservation, Rooftop Bar & Lounge, Art Deco Boutique
Project Scope: As Built Drawing Survey, Digital Furnishings Inventory
Size: 11,500 sq.ft.
Completion Date: 2024

Project Team: Matthew Ostrowski, Luis Morillo, Suja Arun