Exhibits & Immersive Spaces

We build immersive experiences that tell lasting stories

Architecture Experience Inc. specializes in exhibit design for museums, galleries and immersive spaces.

Experience and Leadership

Our partners direct each projects from beginning to end, experienced in both traditional and innovative digital fabrication methods, which they apply to design, manufacturing and specialized markets like corporate marketing and retail environments.

Design Process

The partners directly manage each project’s conceptual design, cost projection, permitting, construction management and team management with quality and timely execution in mind.

We lead our customers from concept to completion using illustrated storyboards and illustration, virtual modeling, animation and graphics.

Production Team

Our team contributes experience in many fields to each exhibit.

Fields such as architecture, event and film production, product design and prototyping, interior design, branding, corporate marketing, immersive arts.

And we believe collaboration unlocks the value of these skills. Our goal of realizing our clients’ vision inspires us to excel at every stage of exhibit design.

Above all, the production team is a specialized network of skilled fabricators, sculptors, craftspeople and digital artists.

Case Studies:

wndr Museum – a new gallery of interactive artwork in Chicago
Psychedome Immersive Art Installation at EAST, temporary event in Austin

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