40-Year Inspections & Recertifications

We provide inspections and recertifications for the 40 Year and Older Building Safety Program and in Broward County and Miami-Dade County. The purpose of the inspection is to determine safe use of the property for the current occupancy. Our initial inspection determines compliance and if any corrections will be required.


Broward & City of Fort Lauderdale 40 Year or Older Building Safety Program

County of Miami Dade Property Recertification

City of Miami 40-50 Year Recertification

Phase 1 Initial Inspection

Architecture Experience Inc. will first conduct an initial inspection per the county requirements and report on the structural and electrical conditions. The report identifies deficiencies that require correction to pass inspection.

Phase 2 Engineering Plans

Architecture Experience Inc. will provide a corrective set of architecture and engineering plans for deficient conditions to satisfy the reporting requirements.

Broward Inspection Schedules

Broward Board of Rules and Appeals obtains building data from Property Appraisers Office and forwards it to each city.

June to August

Building Officials must notify property owners whose buildings are subject to the Safety Inspection Program for the specified calendar year.

September to November

90-day period for property owners to return structural and electrical check list to the municipality.

December to May

180-day period of time for those buildings requiring structural or electrical repairs to complete the work.