Commercial Projects

San Antonio-BYOBroadway Competition

Project Name: Bring Your Own Broadway Competition (BYOBroadway)
Location: Broadway Street, San Antonio, Texas
Architect: Architecture Experience Inc.
Organizer: Rivard Report, Overland Partners, Pearl Brewery

Project Types: Urban planning
Project Scope: Ideas & design competition, zoning proposal
Year Completed: 2016
Project Status: Conceptual


The new scheme for Broadway investigates curious and practical activities for the intensification and articulation of the street.  Shopping is used as a means of activity, highlighted by interactive social spaces featuring a variety of spectacular events at the intersection of formerly disconnected transit systems.  Contrast is established for the open spaces to polarize all traffic between the downtown quarter and the SA Museum of Art.  Through definition of this space, the habitation of the adjacent Riverwalk is maintained and extended and the distress of the highway overpass becomes a welcoming background for the implementation of venues.


The proposal explores shopping on Broadway carried through to its maximum. It takes the historic shopping mall model, proposed by Victor Gruen and first implemented in 1954 Northland, at the height of Detroit’s success. This model uses four diverse ingredients to keep people entertained as long as possible: Food, Goods, Drinks and Sensation.

San Antonio has been successfully using the shopping mall model in The Shops at La Cantera and Pearl Brewery. Instead, our proposal explores Broadway as the shopping street model commercial engine, taking shopping back to its urban roots and framing it as an event.

We are connecting the commercial intensity of Pearl with Broadway by extending the existing Farmers Market to Broadway, framing the interaction between Pearl Parkway and Broadway and exposing the activity at Pearl.

We propose Shops on Broadway – street level shopping that includes goods: large fashion brands, as well as local designers and vintage fashion, food, drinks & sensation.


Sensationalism plays a major role in urbanism. We propose Pedestrian Saturdays – once a month festival on a Broadway stretch that promotes pedestrian urbanism, walking, cycling and socializing in the city. The event will include shopping, food, drinks and performance.

Design is an active ingredient in the economic success of events and has been proven to draw crowds of tourists and locals alike, as seen in the so-called “Bilbao effect” of famous buildings. Art & Design provide the necessary elements of sensation that completes the multi-sensory experience, which is proven by the success of various interactive art events around the world. Permanent elements of sensation will include public art at gateways or thresholds, sculptural shade elements and our concept of Urban Playspace.


We propose a fun & playful urban park with shade and water. This space compliments the shopping program and allows people to actively use Broadway for long periods of time as a real active street.