Projects Residential

San Antonio-Burbank Residence

Location: San Antonio, TX
Architect: Architecture Experience Inc.

Project Types: Single family residence
Project Scope: Residential building design
Size: 2500 sq.ft.
Year Completed: 2019

The Burbank residence is a single-family home design designed on a compact, irregular lot south of downtown San Antonio. The wedge-shaped lot bridges a gap between a high school and a major highway interchange. The design is a site-dominant assertion of maximum privacy and amenities to the extent allowed by zoning constraints. The structure challenges the exposed and energetic nature of the site with a monolithic massing that strategically orients balconies and bedroom views. The compact building footprint maximizes private spaces and yard area for garden patios. The blackened metal sheeting, weathered steel panels, and rich local wood finishes establish a modernized Texas vernacular, accentuated with locally-sourced decor and landscaping.