Regina Ostrowski

Regina Ostrowski, RAIC, is a cofounder and lead designer of Architecture Experience Inc.  She holds extensive experience in interior design and architecture, as well as graphic and industrial design. Her creative approach is based on provoking change by revealing the creative and innovative potential of places.

She is interested in the democratization of design and providing interactive outlets for social transformation with a strong inspiration in the Bauhaus movement. Her work aspires to merge nature with architecture by infusing natural elements & landscapes into urban forms.  Her research has awarded her the 2013 RAIC Medal at Carleton University.

Regina graduated from Carleton University with a Master of Architecture and Bachelor of Architecture from Ryerson University. She co-founded the office of Fare Made in Toronto, a design firm that specializes in digital fabrication, exhibition and design innovation, including explorations in commercial branding, lighting and signage.

Her design management experience includes hospitality, sustainable design, interiors, heritage conservation, restaurants, modular research facilities & adaptive re-use projects.