Commercial Custom Fabrication Immersive Exhibits Projects

Chicago-Ames Room at WNDR Museum

Project Name: wndr Museum – Ames Room
Location: Chicago, Illinois
Designer: Architecture Experience Inc., Fare Made in Toronto
Client/Owner: wndr Museum

Project Types: Museum Exhibit
Project Scope: Installation
Size: 400 sq.ft.
Year Completed: 2018
Project Status: Built
Builder: Private

Partners: Regina Ostrowski
Photography: artnet, wndr Museum

The construction of an Ames Room with design and installation partner Fare Made in Toronto for wndr Museum, in which the forced perspective of the room and wall patterns creates the illusion of distorted human scale for entertainment and photography.  The wndr Museum is a new gallery of multiple interactive artworks, including an infinity room by Yayoi Kusama.